Our Story

For many Chinese children, their first exposure to English is in a public school with an unqualified teacher. They absorb grammar mistakes and learn for tests. This results in sub-par English, and eventually adults who dislike reading and speaking English.

Teaching solely for tests and forcing uninteresting lessons on children does not create lifelong learners.

We saw this problem over ten years ago and since, set out to correct it.

At Level Up English language school we create lesson plans and curriculum that interest children, sparking their creative imaginations. We do this through thematic storytelling, role-playing, positive re-enforcement, non-violent communication, and parent education.

If you want your child to read, write and speak English not only for their next test but out of interest, for the rest of their lives; join us in developing your child’s innate interest in stories and their creation. Resulting in quick acquisition of the English language.

If you are an educator I invite you to join our team in developing and innovating new educational experiences that leave a positive life-long impact on children.